The Water Survival Box is a rigid, reinforced 54 litre plastic container that becomes a receptacle for water when emptied of survival items, it includes a filtration pack including chlorine tablets – enough for family of 4 for some 4 months, plus essential survival items, as well as a basic shelter – via tarpaulin sheet. The box is filled with new items that people who have lost everything would need to survive. Visit the website here for more info.

This is a televised interview that chairman Hugo Pike gave during the Rotary Institute meeting in Sweden last weekend. This was intended for Rotarians in the thirty Districts in Zones 15 and 16 for whom the Water-Survival Box was a previously unknown Rotary project. It gives the background to the project and describes how the project is managed so as to get humanitarian aid to families displaced by disaster or left without access to clean water. The podcast  with Hugo’s name attached can be found on the internet at – other interviews include those by John Hewco, new RI Secretary General and RI President Elect Ron Burton.

Click here for Water Survival Box’s Chairman Hugo Pike’s televised interview.

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